Practice Areas

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Commercial Real Estate

At Mawn and Mawn, PC, our commercial real estate attorneys bring years of collective experience and a wealth of knowledge that every client has grown to depend on. There is no one size fits all closing in commercial real estate and we know how to close the gap, ask the questions and do the research to ensure our client is fully represented and risk is properly managed. We work hard to finalize the details in complex financing agreements.

We assist clients of all types with zoning and land use matters. We appear before the zoning boards and/or conservation commissions to argue our client’s case to obtain zoning approval and appropriate permits.

We further provide the creation and negotiation of lease agreements for our client’s tenants.

Residential Real Estate

We advise sellers on all aspects of Purchase and Sale drafting and negotiation; including negotiating sale price, preparing the offer to purchase, conducting the settlement, resolving title issues and other real estate disputes.

Real Estate Developers

We provide services to establish the appropriate business entity for each project, represent developers from the acquisition of the property through the permitting process, the purchase and sale negotiations, closings and every step in between.

Attorney Discussion

Estate Planning

Mawn and Mawn, P.C. prepares both simple and complex estate plans. We will analyze your estate and prepare the best means of transferring your assets upon your death, which may include Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization and Releases, Declaration of Homestead and other documents, based on your needs and desires.

Long-term care and MassHealth Planning

Mawn and Mawn, P.C. represents seniors and their families through advance planning and clients who are facing immediate long-term care issues. We can guide the client through the process of obtaining benefits.

Probate Administration

Mawn and Mawn, P.C. guides clients through the probate process, whether it is the probate of a Will or the administration of an intestate estate. Mawn and Mawn, P.C. guides the client from the opening of the estate, the preparing of the estate tax returns and to the closing of the estate.